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Home decor 101: Simple Home Decor Ideas That will transform your space

Home decor 101: Simple Home Decor Ideas That will transform your space 

Imagine stepping into a friend’s home, and a wave of warmth washes over you. Soft lighting bathes the room, inviting scents fill the air, and comfortable textures invite you to relax. This isn’t magic – it’s the power of good home decor! Your interior design sets the atmosphere, creating a space that reflects your personality and makes you feel happy. 

But how do you achieve that “cosy” feeling without breaking the bank? Here are some simple ideas to transform your space on a budget.

Make the Most of Entrances and Entryways

The entrance to your home is the first area that guests will experience and it’s somewhere you’ll pass through multiple times a day. So, it should feature prominently in your interior design plans. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression and the entryway of your home sets the tone for the entire interior.

Upon stepping over the entrance, you’ll want to feel welcomed and nurtured, so choose a colour palette that reflects this. Additionally, consider the functional aspect of the space and incorporate it into your interior design. With a stylish room divider, for example, you can separate one space from another, while elevating your space with art. Finally, bring the space to life with a pop of greenery. A potted plant or hanging basket injects colour and purifies the air, making your entryway not just beautiful but also healthy

2. Breathe New Life into Old furniture:

We all have furniture that’s seen better days. Don’t throw it out! Repainting your furniture will revive the feel of your room and offer a refresh without breaking the bank.  Whether it’s refreshing a faded mirror, reviving a chipped chair or console, or adding personality to a clear vase, paint holds the key to making what we already have in our homes pretty and useful again. Using soothing colours like beige, peach, lavender, Etc. can give life to a room and make it warm and relaxing.  

2. Spruce Up Hallways and Stairs: 

We often breeze through hallways and staircases, neglecting their decorative potential. But these transitional spaces offer a great opportunity to elevate your home’s overall design and create a sense of flow.

Here’s how spruce it up:

  • Add Artworks to empty hallways: Empty walls in hallways are a perfect canvas for artwork. Choose pieces that complement your style and draw the eye upwards, especially when placed near staircases.
  • Beautify the Stairway: Well-crafted lasercut-stair railings can be a beautiful addition too. Consider unique designs or materials to add visual interest. At Mul-t-lock Nigeria, you can find an array of stunning designs for stair railings. 

3. Add a touch of metalworks 

Spice up your decor with intricately designed metal work. With thousands of designs available, you can customise metal pieces like chairs, railings,Facade, wall clocks or room divider. With Metal works  the possibilities are endless. 

Ready to take your home decor to the next level? Mul-T-Lock Nig Ltd can help! As a leader in fabrication for over two decades, we offer a variety of metal fabrication services to elevate your interior design.From laser-cut wall art to powder coating existing metal pieces, we can help you create a space that reflects your unique style.  

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